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Debian Live 7.8 Rescue CD - 32-bit


Debian Live is a Debian system that runs directly from the CD.  Considerable care is taken to ensure the live system and packages are not modified more than absolutely necessary.  This ensures that Debian Live really "is" Debian, and not "just another" Debian-based live system.

This item contains a standard Debian system without a desktop environment.  Instead, this edition comes with a text console.

Debian Live comes in 6 flavors (each available on a separate disc or flash drive):

  • Debian Live - a standard system (without a desktop environment) 
  • Debian Live GNOME - a standard system + GNOME desktop environment
  • Debian Live KDE - a standard system + KDE desktop environment
  • Debian Live LXDE - a standard system + LXDE desktop environment
  • Debian Live Xfce - a standard system + Xfce desktop environment
  • Debian Live Rescue - a standard system + system rescue and forensic tools [This item]

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