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Debian Testing DVD Set (13 Discs) - 32-bit

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The code name for the next major Debian release after wheezy is jessie.

This release started as a copy of wheezy, and development has continued to the point where it is currently in a state called testing. This can be considered to be a "beta" version of the next Debian operating system.  The "testing" distribution is updated on a weekly basis (usually every Monday).  We will provide a copy of the latest "testing" version available when the product is ordered.

As with all beta software, there is no guarantee that the software contained within the discs will yield a fully working system.  Security updates are irregular and unreliable.  Release stanards are almost continually met, therefore chances of the operating system actually installing from the installation media are quite good, but not guaranteed.

This product is intended for the advanced user to aid in making the next version of Debian even better by working through the various issues that come up with testing software.  As our way of saying thanks to the community, we offer a price discount on this set.

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